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Smappee EV Wall HOME Fully Installed

Smappee EV Wall HOME Fully Installed

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Smappee EV charging stations ensure cost-efficient charging of your car at home.

Their integrated energy management system allows you to charge your electric car with solar energy throughout the day, or at the lowest energy rate. Smappee harnesses as much of your solar power as possible, or optimizes costs based on off-peak, capacity or dynamic rates. It is the most economical energy for your car and household appliances. This way you can charge your car up to 6x cheaper, and easily save on your energy bill.

  • Wall mount

  • Long 8-meter charging cable with cable holder

  • Type 2 connector

  • Up to 7.4 kW or 22 kW

  • 300 × 300 × 110 mm

  • Integrated energy management system

  • Options to charge via swipe card or via QR code to enable others users

* Smappee Infinity Smart energy management available separately to monitor other consumption (energy, solar, gas, and water). Contact us for a quote.

* Contact us if you require a legacy type 1 connector

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