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Installation of Residential Surface Mounted EV Charger

Installation of Residential Surface Mounted EV Charger

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Purchase any of our EV Charger’s from our range and let the experienced team from Future Charge can provide residential installation for you.

Our WA based expert EV installers will provide you with a cost-effective and safe installation of your EV charging station, compliant with Australian standards.

Our Standard Installation Includes:

  • RCBO Type A protection device in the existing utility panel box
  • 15m meters of cable run
  • Charging station installed at customer preferred location per assessment
  • Charging station tested and certificated

Residential Installation Process

  • We will contact you to arrange the installation
  • Future Charge organise a site inspection
  • Install to be completed within a week following install date confirmation.

Scope of Work

  • If work required exceeds the standard installation, Future Charge offers an individual quote for further work.
  • The standardised installation makes provisions for single-phase connections with a charger installed within 15 meters of a buildings switch board. The installation only makes provisions for a customer’s existing available electricity and does not include costs involved in having to upgrade a domestic electricity supply i.e. 3-phase when only single phase power available at the home.
  • Work to be conducted within normal business hours.

Solar Installation Includes (additional option)

  • CT install into Main Distribution board
  • 15m CT run
  • Programming and solar configuration (commissioning)
  • Connecting charger to home Wi-Fi- Cat 6 cable may cost extra. Cost will be quoted if they exceed standard.
  • If Wi-Fi is poor at location – Under 3 bars. We will need to install a Wi-Fi extender or Cat 6 cable directly to the home modem.

Not Included

  • Work outside of the scope of the standard installation described above will be at extra cost.

Service Area

  • Future Charge provides a WA installation service including regional areas. Non Perth metro installs will incur an extra travel cost, will be confirm when the installation is arranged.
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