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Installation of Directly Wired Socket (Powerpoint/GPO) Perth

Installation of Directly Wired Socket (Powerpoint/GPO) Perth

For installs that do not required smart charging and are okay with longer charging times (due to less use of the vehicle over shorted distances, less than 100km per day) or who wish to use a portable charger at home.

Then a industrial grade socket correctly installed can offer the safe charging solution which meets Australian regulations, and is wired directly back to the switchboard (as per latest Wiring Rules);

  • Have a ‘Type A’ safety switch on that circuit (also as per the latest Wiring Rules. By the way – these cost the same as a standard circuit breaker now);
  • Robust construction, industrial construction and components

Our Standard Installation Includes:
  • Powerpoint socket of choice (or most suitable)
  • Type A RCD safety switch
  • Up to 15 metres of cabling
  • Surface mounting
  • Running of hidden cabling when suitable cavity available
  • Trunking (cable amour) for surface mounting of cables
These can be placed at the customers location of choice.

Our team of specially trained and certified electricians can advise whether you can go for 32amp single phase or three phase socket (powerpoint).

Contact us to arrange a quote and a convenient time for installation.

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