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Evnex E2 Smart EV Charger Quote for Install

Evnex E2 Smart EV Charger Quote for Install

Your local Perth WA EV charging specialist. Contact us to arrange a quote and we can guarantee an install within 10 days*.

The Evnex E2 is an intelligent EV charger that combines NZ-made build quality with driver-centric features.

As your EV charging assistant, the E2 utilises advanced digital tools and provides actionable insights to meet your everyday charging needs. These insights help to lower the environmental impact of your charging activities, reduce charging costs, and minimise strain on the local electricity grid.

What's included?

• Evnex E2 smart EV charger (7.4kW)
• 5m tethered charging cable (Type 2, contact if you require Type 1)
• Charging cable hook
• Mobile control app (including access to all residential charging features)
• Solar export diversion features
• Home overload protection
 • 7-day local customer service, product updates, and ongoing support
• User manual 

Optional extra: specific pedestal in aluminium (black)

* 10 day install guarantee subject to stock availability, Perth metro only

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