Is it Worth Switching to the Synergy (EV Add On) Variable Electricity Tariff?

Synergy provides an Electric Vehicle Add On, that provides owners of an EV, with a variable rate tariff to encourage charging during off-peak periods. This energy plan also provides a cheaper overnight electricity charge.

In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about switching to this tariff and how to work out if it is best for you, and everything else you will need to consider.

If you live in Western Australia, you are likely to be a Synergy customer (see coverage details below). Synergy is WAs only residential electricity provider in Perth Metro and the South East.

To apply for the Electric Vehicle Add-on you will need to provide proof of EV or Plug In Hybrid ownership and you will need to pay a $101.30 fee for the installation of a smart meter (assuming you do not have one already).

What you need to know

By charging your EV during the Overnight or Super Off Peak time periods, you could save on your electricity costs.

As a time of use plan, the EV Add On has five daily time periods that have four different electricity charges for your electricity use, which could result in cost savings if you can shift your electricity use from the Peak time period.


There are five time periods that apply each day:

 Overnight (11pm to 6am)

Take advantage of the second lowest rate for electricity by shifting the time you charge your EV to during this period.

Super Off Peak (9am to 3pm)

You could save by shifting your electricity use to this period, which offers the lowest electricity charge.

Peak (3pm to 9pm)

Where possible avoid or use less electricity during this time as it has a higher rate.

Off Peak (6am to 9am / 9pm to 11pm)

These two time periods offer a rate between the Peak, Overnight and Super Off Peak rates.

 Item Price inc. GST
Peak electricity charge 51.2500 cents per unit
Super Off Peak electricity charge 8.2000 cents per unit
Overnight electricity charge 18.4500 cents per unit
Off Peak electricity charge 22.5500 cents per unit

That standard Home Plan A1 tariff is 30.70 cents per unit (inc GST)

Will it be worth it for me?

That all depends on your energy usage and profile. For households with larger day time consumption needs, such as homes with reverse cycle air conditioning or a pool pump running, then you will likely be better off on this tariff.

When we switched at our home, we ended up paying 0.23 cents per Kw in our first bill and then 0.22 cent per Kw in our second bill, rather than the 0.28 cent we were paying on the standard tariff (30.70 min the GST).

We have a single phase house with a 19 panel solar system with a 5Kw inverter.

So for us having the EV Tariff Add On was 0.07-0.08 cents cheaper per unit on average with the two bills we have received so far. 

And, if the EV Add On isn't working for you, you can switch back to a default plan or any other standard price offered by Synergy that you are eligible for at any time.

Synergy advise me that everyone is on the same tariff as prices are updated, so there is no danger of loosing our a legacy deal on your tariff. In my case the price paid for solar export also remained the same. 

In summary:

If you have a high energy house, with reverse cycle air conditioning and pool pump running, as an example, then we have found the EV Add On Tariff to be worth it, even with an existing solar system installed.

If you have lower needs, such as a passive house or lower power air conditioning, then you may find the EV Add On does not work out cheaper for you. Especially if you are able to keep your peak consumption down in the evening.

Perfect charger to pair with the EV Add On:

If you are looking to get this traffic then the perfect charger to pair with this is the Ohme ePod, this is the charger we use at home.

It has some fantastic inbuilt features that enables you limits on how much you'd like to pay for electricity when fast charging.

This is a great feature, as solar systems often only have a limited amount of surplus (1-2kW). This charger enables smart charging when pulling extra energy for fast charging at a cheaper rate.


How long will it take to switch (including outage)?

We submitted our order on 24th Nov and our new meter box was installed on 4th December (10 day turn around). The switch over took the engineer 10 minutes tops, so the electrically was not off for long.

If you have an existing smart meter (see picture below), then I expect you will be switched over straight away.

Smart Meter

The Smart Meter we had installed - we have previously had our meter upgraded when installing solar in 2017 and that meter was replaced with this.


Our energy usage and calculations

Supply period: 12 Jan 2024 - 13 Mar 2024

Number of Units / Total Cost of Units Consumed  = Total Cost Per Unit

528.83 / 2283.635  = 0.23


Am I covered by Synergy?

As you can see below, Synergy covers a considerable portion of Western Australia. This includes areas like:

  • Geraldton
  • Kalgoorlie
  • Merredin
  • Perth
  • Bunbury
  • Albany
  • Augusta
  • Dunsborough
  • Margaret River
  • Joondalup
  • Jurien Bay
  • Moora
  • Dongara
  • Kalbarri
  • Mundaring

Map of Synergy Coverage



How do I prove my EV ownership?


Below are instructions on how to download your “Licence and Motor Injury Insurance Policy (New Licence Receipt”. Alternatively you can call The Department of Transport (by calling 13 11 56) or go to your local licensing centre.

To download yourself go to

Select your vehicle

DoTDirect Website Select Vehicle Example

Select "Obtain a copy of your vehicle licence document online"

Select Vehicle. download and confirm

We hope you have found this guide and information useful. If you have any further questions please get in touch.

If you would like a charger with smarts to pair with  your EV and to make the most of this tariff then please check out Ohme ePod smart charger.

Alternatively you can install any of our level 2 chargers with a timer to enable fast charging at home or get us to install a socket/GPO for use with a portable charger. 

To apply for the Electric Vehicle Add On then head to the Synergy website